Application Security Professional

About the Training:

            The purpose of the Certified Application Security Professional training program is to provide students/professionals with the necessary knowledge and skills to develop a secured application to protect their applications from hackers/attackers. With the help of Secured SDLC model the students/professionals will learn how to develop the applications in a secure way. From the Certified Application Security Professional training program the students/professionals will understand the several vulnerabilities like Broken Authentication and Session Management, Cross-Site Scripting, Security Misconfiguration, Missing Function Level Access Control, Cross-Site Request Forgery, Unvalidated Redirects, Sensitive Data Exposure, Insecure Direct Object References etc. This class will engross students/ professionals into an interactive environment where they will acquire essential understanding of various security attacks such as DDOS Attack, SQL Injection, XSS Attack, Buffer Overflow, etc.

Program Duration:

35 Hours/ 5 Days

Who Should Attend?

            This course is precisely designed for Web, Application developers who are working in development sector, and also for Students who are seeking carrier in Secured development field.

Prerequisite knowledge:

  • Knowledge of Information Security & Ethical Hacking.
  • Having knowledge in Programming Languages.

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